1.11 R style guide

How you write your code is more or less up to you although your goal should be to make it as easy to read as possible (for you and others). Whilst there are no rules (and no code police), we encourage you to get into the habit of writing readable R code by adopting a particular style. We suggest that you follow Google’s R style guide whenever possible. This style guide will help you decide where to use spaces, how to indent code and how to use square [ ] and curly { } brackets amongst other things. If all that sounds like too much hard work you can install the styler package which includes an RStudio add-in to allow you to automatically restyle selected code (or entire files and projects) with the click of your mouse. You can find more information about the styler package including how to install here. Once installed, you can highlight the code you want to restyle, click on the ‘Addins’ button at the top of RStudio and select the ‘Style Selection’ option. Here is an example of poorly formatted R code.



Now highlight the code and use the styler package to reformat



To produce some nicely formatted code